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Tehran International Autodrome is the first race track circuit in Iran which can host Formula One races. This racing circuit has been designed and constructed in accordance with standards of Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) to be used for multiple purposes such as international corporations. The German Tilke (the designer and constructor of 10 Formula One racing circuits in the world) and Apex were the consultants of this project.

Facilities available in this complex promise the presence of the most up-to-date Formula One cars and the most experienced drivers in Iran and a new experience of speed excitement and hearing the roar of Formula One engines to all Iranians interested in racing sports.

Tehran International Autodrome has been designed and constructed on an area of 85 hectares with a length of 5 km. The pit lane of this racing circuit has been also designed based on previous experiences of Formula One racing circuits construction. This led to obtaining Level 2 and Level 3 international homologation.

This complex consists of 18 bends, six of which are inspired by the world’s most fascinating and attractive Formula One racing circuits, such as the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia, the Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg in Germany, the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, Carousel racing circuit in Germany, the Suzuka International Racing Course in Japan, and Silverstone Circuit in Britain.

Depending on the car type, course, and the driver’s mastery, maximum speed in this racing circuit has been predicted to be over 300 km per hour.

Safety of Tehran International Autodrome:

In accordance with international standards, principles of professional design have been fully taken into account in the safety of Tehran International Autodrome. Racetracks were made safe in cyberspace based on movement simulation, speed of cars, and type of bends. In addition to the paved road, a verge route (sides of tracks), asphalt runoff, gravel (sandy) runoff, tires covered with conveyor belt, and three layers of guardrail have been established to guarantee the safety of drivers and cars at high speeds.

Moreover, all regulations and guidelines related to the safety of the driver and the associated team will be trained to individuals in short-term or long-term courses, depending on their purpose (recreational or professional).

Physical Progress




Tehran International Autodrome, as an international race circuit with special facilities and uses, is an incredible opportunity for successful investment in the sports and recreation services sector.

Technical specifications:

  • Area of the main asphalted track (with 3 layers of SMA asphalt): approx. 63.300 m2
  • Area of the asphalt runoff63.300 m2050 m2
  • Area of the asphalt verge: approx. 29.883 m2
  • Area of the gravel runoff: approx. 67.865 m2
  • The area of the asphalt pit line: approx. 4.140 m2
  • Area of the asphalt verge: approx. 29.883 m2
  • Minimum route width: 18 m
  • Maximum route width: 21 m
  • Altitude of the race circuit from sea level: approx. 1,000 m

Location plan:

Uses and facilities:

  • The possibility to hold competitions in 16 different routes, which exceed 32 routes considering the reverse directions
  • The possibility to split into three sperate racetracks for simultaneous events
  • The possibility to hold educational and scientific events
  • Holding a variety of events such as car exhibitions, car test, occasions, and knowledge development
  • The possibility to experience driving different cars
  • The possibility to hold drag racing competition on the straight track
  • Holding national and international competitions
  • Track day (public use of the racetrack with any type of vehicle)
  • Driving test
  • Taxi race (experiencing the speed and excitement of Formula One cars with professional drivers)
  • The launch of new cars and motorcycles

Advantages of Tehran International Autodrome:

A: Excellent features resulting from the project location

  • Situating within Zarandieh Special Economic Zone and enjoyment from its general services, supports, exemptions, and benefits
  • Proximity to 4 major provinces of Iran, including Tehran, Markazi, Qazvin, and Qom
  • Access to 4 main routes, including Tehran-Saveh Freeway, Tehran-Qom Freeway, Tehran-Saveh Old Road, and Southern Tehran Ring Road
  • Access to Imam Khomeini International Airport (7 km), Mehrabad Airport (30 km), and Payam Airport (60 km)
  • Access to the North-South railway network and Parand subway station

B: Distinguishing features of Tehran International Autodrome:

  • The first racetrack in Iran with the capability to hold Formula One championships
  • Compliance with international standards for national and international competitions
  • Situating within the special economic zone that makes it possible to import and rent sports cars and motorcycles and special vehicle without the need to pay customs fees
  • In addition to the racetracks, this complex consists of the main building with restaurant, VIP section, timing and monitoring room, conference hall, and training and residential parts
  • The spectators’ place of Tehran International Autodrome, including the VIP section, has a capacity of about 50,000 people.
  • A parking lot with a capacity of 2,500 cars in the first phase
  • Proximity to other sports, recreational, commercial, tourist, and residential facilities in Iland City

Consultants and investors


We aimed to design and construct Tehran International Autodrome in compliance international standards and principles to be well-qualified hosting international events. Hence, we recruited the following experienced consultants:

  • Tilke

Specialization: Design of master plans and schematic design
Major projects: Ruf Automobile, Atlanta Motorsports Park, and Formula One racing circuit of Austria, Abu Dhabi, Spain, Bahrain, Russia, South Korea, etc.

  • Apex

Specialization: Formula One racing circuit design
Country: England
Major projects: The Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia and the Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg in Germany

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