Superkart Complex


Iland Superkart Complex, with a racetrack of over 1,450 meters, has obtained the A-level standards of the Commission Internationale de Karting (CIK) to host a variety of competitions such as the Rotax Max Challenge (RMC). Iland Superkart Complex has been well-equipped to provide an exciting adventure platform for lovers of motorsports in Iran.
In addition to the racetrack, there is a building with a total area of 2,600 m2 in this complex that consists of additional facilities such as computer games hall, restaurant, coffee shop, and parking lots. A variety of services are provided for karting athletes and others.

To provide a safe racetrack, Ilaand Superkart Complex has been designed in accordance with standards of the International Automobile Federation and simulation of the course and speed in different bends. In addition, safety equipment such as soft obstacles, plastic curb (New Jersey), and multiple guard rails have been added to the racetrack.
Moreover, short- or long-term training courses from amateur to professional are provided for those interested in karting.

Physical Progress


Special equipment and international standards of Iland Superkart Complex distinguish it from other existing karting complexes in Iran.

  • Total area: 11.25 hectares
  • Racetrack length: 1,450 m
  • Racetrack width: 8 m
  • Direction: Counterclockwise
  • Maximum speed: 116.1 kph
  • Minimum speed: 46.7 kph
  • Average speed: 75.77 kph
  • Duration of each round: 78.57 seconds

Distinguishing features of Iland Superkart Complex

Iland Superkart Complex possesses the following internationally standard facilities and features:

  • Able to hold a variety of competitions such as the Rotax Max Challenge (RMC) and other specialized events of karting
  • A multipurpose racetrack for karting, urban motorcycling (Mini-GP), and car racing
  • Rental and rental race karts with 28-horsepower engines
  • The possibility to drive superkarts on the racetrack
  • Modern timing equipment
  • Records registration system
  • Video recording system
  • An exclusive parking lot with a capacity of 250 cars
  • Proximity to other sports, recreational, commercial, tourist, and residential facilities of Iland City

Additional facilities of Iland Superkart Complex:

The main building of Iland Superkart Complex, with an area of 2,600 m2 features a full-glass exterior and has been designed in compliance with international standards in interior design. This building includes the following facilities:

  • Photography and filming club
  • Members club and VIP club
  • Karting academy for the amateur to professional training
  • Computer games and billiard sports halls
  • Restaurant, coffee shop, and other shops selling karting accessories (e.g. karting suit)

Consultants of iLand Superkart Complex

Recruiting internationally experienced consultants in design, construction, and operation, Iland Superkart Complex has provided convenient facilities for karting athletes and others interested in this sport.

  • Schreiner Consulting Co.

Specialization: Motorsport consultant (the head of the design committee of the CIK)
Country: Austria
Major projects: Dubai Motor City, Formula One racing circuit in the UAE