Off-road Tracks


With an area of over 22.4 hectares, Iland off-road tracks have been designed on a land full of ups and downs in order to give a unique feeling of exciting adventures to lovers of risky sports.

This complex consists of several sections such as an off-road track for sport utility vehicles (SUVs), buggy cars, and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), rallycross track, and motocross track.

Taking advantage of internationally experienced consultants and compliant with respective standards, Iland Off-road Tracks Complex has been designed and constructed to host national and international competitions.

Capacities and facilities:

Iland Off-road Tracks Complex includes 6 standard tracks that can host international events and competitions:

  • Off-road track: With a length of 2,400 m, Iland Off-road Track is a unique route with engineered ups and downs. This track has been designed to be used for professional (1,200 m), training (700 m), and recreational (1,100 m) purposes. This track provides maximum excitement and safety for athletes and lovers of off-roading. Moreover, the rookies can experience the joy of SUVs riding on existing hills and ups and downs with professional drivers. Since special features have been included in the design of this track, it can host buggy cars and ATVs competitions.
  • Rallycross track: Iland Rallycross Track is about 1,500 m long. The distinguishing feature of this track is the combination of a dirt road (60% of the track) and a paved road (40% of the route) with spectacular and exciting bends in accordance with safety principles, providing the opportunity to hold international competitions.
  • Motocross track: The professional section of Iland motocross track, with a length of 2,100 m, contains engineeringly designed, exciting, and safe ups and down that provide motocross riders with the joy and excitement of riding on hard routes and the long and short jumps.
  • Women’s motocross track: Considering the physical conditions of women and in accordance with all the principles set forth in international standards for the construction of racetracks for women, Iland Women’s Motocross Track has been designed and constructed on an 1100-meter long route. This track meets the conditions for holding training courses and international competitions.
  • Children and adolescents’ motocross track: With regard to all standards related to the physical conditions of this age group, Iland Children and Adolescents’ Motocross Track has been designed and constructed on a 600-meter long route. For the first time in Iran, this track has made it possible for families to enroll their children in motorcycling training courses and even send them to national and international competitions with no concern about the health of their children.

Safety of tracks:

Compliance with international standards and safety principles, proximity to Iland Health Village, and the possibility of providing emergency services in the event of possible incidents are some the advantages of Iland Off-road Tracks Complex that ensure the safety of tournaments and entertainments.

Physical Progress


Because of its unique design, compliance with international standards, recruitment of experienced consultants, and the possibility of holding international events and competitions, Iland Off-road Tracks Complex is an opportunity for successful investment.

Technical specifications:

  • Off-road track with a length of 2,400 m
  • Rallycross track with a length of 1,500 m
  • Motocross track with a length of 2,100 m
  • Women’s motocross track with a length of1,100 m
  • Children and adolescents’ motocross track with a length of 600 m

Advantages of Iland Off-road Tracks Complex

  • Multipurpose functionality:
  • International competitions
  • National competitions
  • Racing and motorcycling academy
  • Track day
  • Test drive
  • Car test (military or SUV)
  • The launch of new car and motorcycle products
  • Compliance with international standards and the possibility of professional exploitation of the track
  • The possibility to host national and international competitions (which are now held on non-standard tracks)
  • Recreational, training, and competition uses for women and children
  • Proximity to other sports, recreational, commercial, tourist, and residential facilities in Iland City

Consultants and investors

As one of the world’s leading and reputable consultant in this field, Slik Co. was employed as the design consultant for this project.

Specialization: Operation management of motorsport complexes
Country: France