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Iland Aqua Park realizes the dream of being in one the most exciting aqua parks in the world in Iland City and the vicinity of the capital of Iran. This aqua park has been designed to be the largest of its kind in the Middle East.

Iland Aqua Park is located in number one Hub one of Iland City. This hub consists of four major and attractive facility areas including the business center, aqua park and amusement park, hotel, and conference hall. The proximity of these facilities attracts a large number of visitors and creates a multipurpose and entertaining space for recreation, shopping, and relaxation.

Clients of Iland Aqua Park will experience the freedom of selection from a variety of choices:

  • Indoor aqua park for men
  • Indoor aqua park for women
  • Spa complex
  • Indoor surfing complex
  • Surfing academy
  • Hotel
  • Bungalow complex
  • Food court (restaurants, fast foods, and coffee shops)
  • A restaurant and conference hall beside the pool

For the first time in Iran, Iland Aqua Park offers an outdoor surfing pool and an indoor surfing box with a flow rider. In addition, the riders used in this aqua park include a lazy river, wave pool, and other cutting-edge riders and equipment.

A spa complex has been designed for the VIP section. This complex consists of massage therapy, beauty salons, and other relevant services. The entrance building also includes an area of 800 m2 for the restaurant, shops, and a coffee shop.

Physical Progress




Iland Aqua Park will be constructed in two phases in an area of 12 hectares.As estimated 6,500,000 persons are going to use Iland Aqua Park in the first operation year of the phase one. This figure increases to 10,500,000 persons by the end of the second phase. Including the second phase, the area of indoor and outdoor aqua parks will be approximately 550,000 m2 and 180,500 m2, respectively; making this park a rare facility in the world. Phase one of the aqua park will have a capacity of 15,000 persons per day.

Location plan:

Advantages of Iland Aqua Park:

Unique features of Iland Aqua Park:

  • Providing services simultaneously in two outdoor and indoor complexes for the first time in Iran: Iland Aqua Park makes it possible for families to use water entertainments throughout the year at the same time in separate facilities for men, women, and children.
  • Offering modern rides: Iland Aqua Park aims to satisfy its clients with the highest standards. To this end, state-of-the-art technologies are predicted to be used. The park will feature attractive, exciting, safe, and beautiful rides. These rides will be designed and constructed by the most reputable international manufacturers.
  • The first surfing pool and hall in Iran: As one of the most entertaining activities in the world, surfing activates will be offered and taught to clients for the first time in the surfing pool and hall of Iland Aqua Park. Simulated surfing on rushing coasts in the vicinity of Tehran can add to the attraction of this project.
  • The synergy resulting from location in Hub 1 of the project: located in Iland Recreational Hub which also includes an aqua park, indoor and outdoor amusement parks, shopping center, movie theater, hotel, and parking garage, Iland Aqua Park makes it possible for clients to use all services and facilities individually and in groups. Accordingly, Iland Aqua Park provides a comprehensive solution to meet the recreational needs of family members.
  • A distinct park in terms of capacity, standard, and position: With an area of 12 hectares, Iland Aqua Park will be the largest in Iran. The position and facilities of this aqua park and Iland City will make them a unique place in Iran. Excellent design, compliance with standards, attractive rides, and recruitment of experienced consultants are some of the unique features of this project compared to other aqua parks in Iran.
  • Welfare facilities: The attractive and creative combination of shopping, shopping, and residential facilities, either inside or outside of the aqua park, aims to provide the welfare and satisfaction of clients. An area of 800 m2 for different shops, restaurants, and coffee shops, with a fabulous and attractive design, has been dedicated to this purpose, which is another distinctive feature of Iland Aqua Park.
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Consultants and investors


Designing and consulting firm of  Iland Aqua Park:

  • White Water Co.:

Specialism: The largest aqua park designer with 30 years of experience in this industry and the manufacturer of rides employing a team of ten professional designers.

Country: Canada
Major projects: Designing more than 2,000 aqua parks and installation of more than 4,000 rides in different parts of the world.

Four companies presented initial designs for Iland Aqua Park. The proposals of White Water were elected and this company is going to design the rides of the complex.

  • Proslide:

Specialism: Manufacturer and supplier of equipment, participation in the presentation of the master plan and ride selection
Country: Canada

  • Sim Leisure:

Specialism: Proposal of a master plan for Iland Aqua Park
Country: Malaysia

  • Amusement Logic:

Specialism: Feasibility studies, master plan, and theming
Country: Spain
Major projects: Design and construction of large aqua parks including the Siam Park in Spain

  • Alpamar:

Specialism: Forty years of experience in operating world-class aqua parks, feasibility studies and project profitability analysis from an operator’s perspective.
Country: Germany

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