Equestrian and Polo Complex


Equestrian and Polo Complex




Iland Equestrian and Polo Complex consists of two neighboring complexes in the southeast of Iland City next to Rud-e Shur. These two complexes are separated by Tehran-Saveh Old Road.

Iland Polo Complex is the first internationally standard polo complex in Iran that aims to revive this ancient Iranian sport. The design of this complex has been inspired by the Spanish Saint Mary Polo Field, one of the most prestigious places for the entertainment of the wealthiest in the world. This complex has been located adjacent to Iland Equestrian Complex on an area of 10.6 hectares.

Iland Equestrian Complex will be the first internationally standard equestrian club constructed under the supervision of experienced consultants. Show jumping and dressage competition can be held in this complex. Iland Equestrian Complex consists of the parade ring, horse preparation rangeland, warming room, horse treatment clinic, and quarantine stabled. These facilities, especially the stables, are used for the treatment and preparation of polo horses.

The proximity of Iland Equestrian Complex to a population center of 17 million people (Tehran and four neighboring provinces) can greatly influence the growth and development of the equestrian industry in Iran. With a unique design, modern equipment, and an all-weather field, this complex provides a standard environment for those interested in this sports-recreational activity.

Features of Iland Polo Complex:

  • The first polo field in Iran compliant with Olympic standards
  • Supporting the national polo icon
  • Proximity to Tehran
  • Membership in the exclusive and VIP polo club
  • The option to take lodging beside the unique green space of the polo field
  • Holding national and international competitions in accordance with international standards

Features of Iland Equestrian Complex:

  • Facilities for horse racing and betting
  • Facilities for international chariot racing competitions in 1000-, 1200-, 1400-, 1600-, 1800-, and 2200-meter courses and the option to bet on tournaments
  • Approved by the British Equestrian Federation
  • Holding show jumping, dressage, and other competitions
  • Standardized for holding show jumping and dressage
  • The members club of Iland Equestrian Complex with special benefits and facilities
  • Iland Equestrian Academy
  • Recruitment of experienced individuals in different parts of the complex
  • Horse treatment clinic
  • Tours

Physical Progress







Iland Equestrian and Polo Complex has been designed by the most internationally reputable architectural consultants specializing in equestrian fields. The main objective of this complex is to provide professional training for those interested in equestrian sports and host international competitions.

Technical specifications of Iland Equestrian and Polo Complex:

  • Total area: 10.6 hectares
  • Area of buildings and villas: 20,300 m2
  • Total area of equestrian field: 30 hectares

Facilities predicted for Iland Equestrian and Polo Complex:

  1. Horse course and additional services
  • Horse riding field

Field length: 1,607 m
Field width: 17 m (including the all-weather field)

  • Training field

Field length: 1,560 m
Field width: 8 m

  • Parade ring

Total area: 6,221 m2

  • Horse and rider preparation room

Total area: 1,496 m2

  • Main building

Total area: 3,117 m2 in three floors
VIP box for dignitaries with more than 60 seats
VIP box for special guests with more than 250 seats
Restaurant with a capacity of 150 people
Coffee shop with a capacity of more than 50 people
Shopping center
Electronic and physical betting kiosks
Viewing boxes

    • Viewing platform

Total area: 52,566 m2
Capacity: 18,000 m2
Investment kiosks outside the main building

  1. Equestrian club
  • Indoor training manege
    Total area: 4,053 m2 in two floors
    Club house
    Coffee shop
    Guesthouse with 15 rooms
  • Outdoor manege

Total area: 4,200 m2 with 840 seats for spectators

  • Pension

Horse walk with an area of 9,335 m2
226 stables
Horse paddock

General facilities:

  • A plaza with an area of 1.5 hectares consisting of five entrances and taxi stop
  • A VIP parking lot with a capacity of 279 cars
  • A parking lot for spectators with a capacity of 4,300 cars
  • A parking lot for employees with a capacity of 35 cars
  • A parking lot for horse transport cars

Location plan of iLand Polo Complex:

Location plan of iLand Equestrian Complex:

Advantages of iLand Equestrian and Polo Complex:

Distinguishing features of Iland Polo Complex:

  • The first polo complex in Iran compliant with Olympic standards
  • Designed by the top internationally reputable consultants specializing in equestrian complexes

 Distinguishing features of iLand Equestrian Complex:

  • The first internationally standard equestrian field in Iran
  • The main advantage of the iLand Equestrian Complex over other complexes in Iran is its design based on international standards under the supervision of experienced consultants.
  • The ability to host national and international competitions
  • Centralized and integrated management of iLand City that creates a strong and well-known brand for the equestrian complex
  • The synergy resulting from proximity to other facilities of Iland City
  • Residential and welfare facilities for riders, trainers, and owners

Advisers and Investors


Experienced consultants have been recruited for the design of Iland Equestrian and Polo Complex in order to construct an internationally standard complex. Consultants of this project are as follows:

  • KWA

Specialization: Architectural and design consultation for equestrian fields
Country: England
Major products: Equine Park, New Racing Yard, Equestrian Educational Facility, Equestrian and Visitor Center, and Diagnostic Center.

  • Broadway Malyan

Specialization: Urban planning, architecture, and design
Country: England
Major projects: Forum Coimbra, Portugal; BP Sunbury; New Central Business District, Sowwah Island; Mina Zayed

  • Mott McDonald

Specialization: Project engineering and consultation
Areas of activity: Transportation, energy, buildings, water and environment, health and education, industry, and communications
Country: England

  • Cracknell

Specialization: Green space design and execution
Country: England- UAE
Major projects: Green space of the six-star Burj Al Arab Hotel, Palm Islands, the Burj Dubai, and Jumeirah Beach Hotel

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