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Botanical Garden




Iland Botanical Garden is an ornamental garden, a collection of living plants, and a natural tourist attraction that is designed to be located in the southwest of Iland City. Based on designs, a wide variety of plants will be kept under natural and optimal conditions.

Different plants from five continents of the world will be collected, cultivated, and flourished in Iland Botanic Garden. Based on the birthplace of plants, different parts of this botanic garden will be named California Garden, Pacific Garden, Desert Garden, Tibetan Garden, and so on.

In addition to playing a key role in the engineering, preservation, and cultivation of useful and rare plants, botanical gardens provide researchers and scientists with research facilities and equipment to study the effects of global climate change on plants and save major and endangered species.

Creation of a collection of native and non-native plants outdoors or in a greenhouse gives tourists the opportunity to get familiar with different plant species.


Physical Progress







The proximity of Iland Botanical Garden to an astonishing valley park and Iland Flight Village and its combination with other facilities such as private villas, golf course, and hotel have created a unique tourist attraction in Iland City.

Technical specifications:

Total land area: 12.7 hectares

Location plan:

Advantages of Iland Botanic Garden:

B- Distinguishing features of Iland Botanical Garden:

  • Variety of plant species in ornamental gardens
  • Proximity to business centers such as retail shops, hotel, restaurant, and coffee shop
  • Proximity to some recreational-sports facilities such as golf course and flight village

Consultants and investors


Parks and green spaces of Iland City have been designed by employing the knowledge and experience of internationally qualified and reputable consultants. The design consultant of Iland Botanic Garden is Cracknell Co.

Cracknell Co.

Specialization: Green space design consultation
Country: England
Major projects: Design of green spaces of the six-star Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel, Palm Islands, the Burj Khalifa, and Jumeirah Beach Hotel,…

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