ILand Superkart Complex, equipped with recreational, sports and educational facilities and the creation of appropriate facilities, is one of the most equipped super-kart tracks in the country, and different categories is ready to be assigned to qualified individuals.

Project Profile

  • Multi-purpose track with homologue with international approval and license from the World Federation
  • Under the supervision of the Motorsports and Motor Vehicles Department with the authority of Special Economic Zone of Zarandiyah, to provide the necessary permits for holding competitions, establishing a club, registering sports companies, operating recreational and …
  • With world-class A standards for domestic and international competitions
  • Capable of simultaneous operation for 40 Karts
  • The length of the track is 1450 meters and 8 meters wide
  • Equipped with a 2600-meter-long building with modern timing equipment, recording system, video recording, computer games halls, billiards, restaurants and cafes, and 250 car parking spaces


Utilization Opportunities

Transferable parts for iLand  SuperKart utilization includes:

1 – Multi-purpose SuperCard Track in the following areas:

  • a) Urban Motorcycle (Mini-GP);
  • Competitions: Includes Slalom (Spirals) and Rock at Levels Different
    • Recreation including Rental and Track Day
    • Educational in two professional and universal formats
    • Motor Racing;
  • b) Karting
  • Competitions: Includes various carting races at various levels
    • Recreation including Rental
    • Training in both professional and general formats

2 – The Karting school

Allocates appropriate training space and super-Kart track at specified times to training groups for various types of professional training (for attending competitions) and general (in order to improve the skills of driving of the public) in motor riding fields (mini-GP) Car racing, Kart and Super Kart.

3 – Restaurants

  • Allocate appropriate space in Karting building

  4 – Coffee shop

  • Allocate appropriate space in Karting building