Special Economic Zone


Iranians Special Economic Zone, as the center of gravity of Iland City, is the only tourism-oriented special economic zone that is established according to the December 20, 2010 Act of the Islamic Consultative Assembly on the “Establishment of New Special Economic Zones” , and the edict of the president dated March 10, 2012. This special economic zone aims to introduce economic mobility in the region and establish international trade relations.

Iland City and all its facilities will be covered by services and legal aids arising from the permit of special economic zones. This doubles the advantage and value of the diverse facilities of the Iland City.

Services, aids, exemptions, and general benefits of special economic zones:

  • Exemption for goods manufactured or processed in the special economic zone from the payment of entry fees to other regions equivalent to the value of its added value and raw materials and components
  • No time limit (without payment of customs duties) for the storage of raw materials and goods in the region
  • The option to issue a certificate of origin and destination by the organization responsible for the zone
  • The option to divide and trade warehouse receipts as several receipts
  • Exemption from the payment of customs duties and commercial profits in commercial exchanges with foreign countries or other special economic zones or free trade-industrial zones
  • The option to carry goods to the zone without the need to register the order and go through the formalities for shipping the goods to the mainland
  • Issuance of letters of credit
  • Exemption from customs duties and taxes on the import of capital equipment and machinery for the construction of production units
  • Reduction of the finished cost of goods through the construction of warehouses for raw materials and removal of additional costs of warehousing at ports and terminals, clearance of the goods when required, and the use of re-export warehouses
  • The option for the presence and activity of foreign companies in the special economic zone

Main features of Iranians-Iland Special Economic Zone:

  • Covering the entire Iland City under the laws and regulations of special economic zones
  • Support for economic activities
  • Establishment of international trade relations and mobility in the regional economy and the production and processing of goods
  • Technology transfer
  • Non-oil exports
  • Encouragement of productive employment and domestic and foreign investment
  • Goods transit and shipping (transshipment)
  • The largest tourist city in the nation with a multitude of facilities is located at the heart of the Iranians-Iland Special Economic Zone.


Iranians Special Economic Zone, as the only tourism-oriented special economic zone in Iran, provides remarkable benefits for its internal uses and facilities in addition to creating value for external customers, Enjoyment from the benefits of the special economic zone leads to excellent equipping of facilities, lower investment requirements, higher quality, and faster execution speed.

On the other hand, the synergy resulting from other recreational, residential, sports, and commercial facilities in Iland City can influence the special economic zone, facilitate its further growth and development, and provide a great opportunity for a reliable investment.

Technical specifications:

  • Area: The entire Iland City, with an area of 1,700 hectares, is designated as a special economic zone
  • Existing facilities: A customs station consisting of exclusive indoor and outdoor warehouses, input and output equipment and heavy duty scales, clearance, etc.
  • Proximity to the capital of Iran (35 km)
  • Proximity to Imam Khomeini International Airport (7 km) and easy access to Mehrabad, Payam, and Arak airports
  • Location in Tehran’s roadway in the vicinity of Qom, Markazi, Qazvin, and Alborz provinces
  • Easy land and rail access

Advantages of Iranians-Iland Special Economic Zone

Distinguishing features of Iranians-Iland Special Economic Zone:

  • Interconnection of Iranians-Iland Special Economic Zone and Iland City

Considering the benefits of the special economic zone and enjoyment from customs exemptions, the most advanced equipment with the highest quality and lowest prices can be imported for each of the uses and facilities of Iland City. This ensures a sustainable investment and construction of a modern city. In addition, the permit of economic, developmental, cultural, educational, and service activities can be issued independently and without referral to other organizations and institutions. Moreover, there is a mutual interaction between Iland City’s facilities  and the special economic zone. In better words, the coverage of facilities and projects of Iland City leads to more dynamism in the Iranians-Iland Special Economic Zone compared to other similar zones in Iran.

  • Iranians-Iland Special Economic Zone can greatly influence Iland City in terms of production, exports, imports, industries, and tourism services:
  • The option to establish centers for the assembly of sports cars
  • The option to export goods made of foreign raw materials in the special economic zone without observing the general export-import regulations
  • The option for domestic and foreign investors to invest in any kind of productive activity (foreign direct investment)
  • The option for guaranteeing foreign investors’ legal assets and rights in accordance with the law of encouraging the protection of foreign investors and its executive bylaw
  • The option to recruit domestic and foreign skilled manpower in accordance with the regulations of labor, insurance and social security.
  • No restriction on the import of any kind of goods except for goods that are in violation of the Islamic law and current laws of Iran
  • Postponed payment of customs duties on imported goods until arrival at the mainland
  • The option for establishing international branches of prestigious national and foreign universities
  • The option to establish clean, packaging, and new technology industries
  • Fulfillment of the necessary requirements for holding regional tournaments considering the ease of the imports and exports of vehicles and their equipment as well as the simple import of racing cars
  • Registration of imported cars without paying customs duties for driving in a radius of several kilometers from the special economic zone
  • Impressive dynamism due to focus on tourism
  • Establishment of a dry port

Execution schedule, uses, and additional facilities

Phase 1

For the optimal use of time and existing potentials, Iranians-Iland Special Economic Zone has been planned to be become operational in several phases. The first phase, with an area of 185 hectares, includes a Formula One racing circuit, a commercial-business building, warehouse management center, off-road racetracks, and Iland Automotive City. Currently, the customs office of Iranians-Iland Special Economic Zone is active and running the affairs related to this zone, including the establishment of the dry port.