Residential Complexes


In an area of 863 hectares, Iland residential complexes have been designated adjacent to the recreational, tourist, and commercial facilities in order to complete the service package of Iland City.

Iland residential complexes consist of two sections: villas inside specialized facilities such as the golf villag; and residential villages with different architectural styles. Iland residential complexes include apartments and villas of different types, sizes, and surface areas with modern facilities in accordance with international standards.

 1. Residential complexes inside specialized facilities:

The first section of Iland residential complexes includes the villas inside the specialized facilities. Residents of these villas can enjoy the benefits of these specialized facilities. The total area of this section is 476 hectares. The specialized facilities that include a residential complex are as follows:

Polo residential complex:

Villas of the polo complex will be constructed in three areas. The first area is located around the polo field and will be constructed in Phase one. Two other areas will be also constructed in the second and third development phases of the polo complex. The area allocated to the villas and apartments is approximately 78 hectares. In addition, the section includes parking lot with a capacity of 8,917 vehicles. The second area is dedicated to commercial and educational offices and the third area is a combination of residential apartments, business offices, and educational centers.

Beach apartments and villas:

This complex will be constructed in the second and third development phases on the downstream side of Rud-e Shur. This complex includes luxury villas overlooking the artificial lake near Jordan Boulevard in the city center. These villas can be accessed through Jordan Boulevard and the golf village ring road. This complex consists of 7.3 hectares of green space and can host about 5,000 persons.

Health village:

Iland Health Village consists of four sections: medical, elderly care, educational, and residential. Each section is equipped with special residential facilities for the elderly, patients, students, employees, etc. Clean and fresh air away from the pollution of various industries will provide favorable conditions for the residential section of Iland Health Village for temporary or permanent residence of people requiring cross-sectional or long-term care. People residing in this complex can use a variety of facilities including medical services, hydrotherapy, special elderly care, etc.

Iland Golf Village:

Villas of the Iland Golf Village, overlooking the golf course and artificial lakes, will be constructed in two phases. In the first phase, 40 villas and the members club building along with a 9-hole golf course will be constructed. Other villas will be constructed in the second phase, and the golf course will further develop into an 18-hole golf course. The academy and the golf resort hotel, conference center, lighthouse tower, and golf villas will be also constructed in this phase. This complex will be connected to the tourism hub and the residential-cultural village via a route planted with trees and to the tourism hub through a cable car route.

Staff residential complex:

The ultimate goal of Iland City is to create more than 30,000 jobs. Hence, part of the residential complex has been dedicated to the residence of employees. This complex will be constructed in the third phase of Iland City development and will include apartments and villas for the residence of all employees of Iland City. The main advantage of this complex is its proximity to sports and welfare facilities, bus station, Parand subway station, and schools for children aged 6-18 years.

Iland Aviation Club:

Iland Aviation Club, including specialized flying facilities such as training and recreational services for various levels with different airplanes, will be constructed in the third development phase of Iland City. This complex will consist of 254 villas with a high per capita of green space. In addition, large villas with private hangers overlooking the runway will be constructed in this complex.

Diplomatic Village:

Considering its function, the diplomatic village has been designed in a way to be more secure than other residential areas. Consisting of three separate sections with a capacity of more than 2,600 people, this village includes large and beautiful villas overlooking the parks and green spaces. The high security of this village with tall walls and surveillance cameras will provide a suitable place for diplomats, ambassadors, politicians, and others who need a high level of mental relaxation and security.

 2. Thematic residential villages

The second section of Iland residential complexes includes enclosed residential villages with high construction standards. These villages will be constructed in 570 hectares and five areas, mostly located in the northern parts of Iland City. The surface area of residential units in these villages is low with a maximum of 30%. On the other hand, the size of open and green spaces and the per capital of services dedicated to these villages are much higher than national standards of Iran. Each of the five residential villages will vary in size and architecture with other ones.

The historical-style Iranian international residential and cultural village:

This complex will be constructed in 90 hectares and two sections. The first section will be constructed below the golf course ring road in the second phase of golf villas development. The second part will be located to the north of the golf course ring road and includes a combination of parks and villas in the third development phase of the golf course. Buildings will be designed based on the architecture of Kashan houses in the 17th and 18th centuries with modern materials and a private garden for each building.

The Spanish-style international residential-cultural village:

The Spanish-style international residential-cultural village will be developed in 85 hectares in three sections. The first section will be located inside the golf village ring road and will be constructed in the second development phase of the golf course, whereas the second and third sections will be located outside the golf village. Some of the special features of this complex will include tiled rooftops, walls painted with bright and beige colors, red and brown soil, palm gardens, and pavilions.

The Mediterranean-style international residential-cultural village:

With an area of 90 hectares, the Mediterranean-style international residential-cultural village is located on the northernmost part of Iland City overlooking beautiful valley. The first section of this complex consists of Greek-style villas while the second section consists of small shops and several schools. Some characteristic features of the style are white walls with flat rooftops, domes, indented blue and yellow entrances, and balconies overlooking olive, pine, and grapes gardens.

The modern-style international residential-cultural village:

The modern-style international residential-cultural village will be developed in two sections in an area of 90 hectares. Located to the south of the golf course above the ring road, the first part of this complex includes modern villas. The second part consists of an international private school and an industrial academy along with apartments for the staff, dormitory, dining hall, and educational buildings.

The Moroccan-style international residential-cultural village:

This complex is located on the west of Iland City and will be designed in accordance with the North African architecture. Red brick walls, wood windows, blue gardens with decorative tiles, and several parks and gardens with welfare services provide a pleasant and unique atmosphere for the residents of this village.

Physical Progress

  • The modern-style international residential-cultural village
  • The historical-style Iranian international residential and cultural village
  • The Spanish-style international residential-cultural village
  • The Mediterranean-style international residential-cultural village


Iland residential complexes have been designed to provide residential services for clients and complete the service package of Iland City. The distinguishing features and benefits of these complexes are as follows:

Technical specifications:

  • Designed in accordance with urban planning standards for residential villages
  • Distribution of public sports-recreational facilities in villages
  • Shopping centers in neighborhoods for meeting the daily needs of residents
  • Exclusive hiking and cycling routes
  • Appropriate neighborhood structure and easy access to public transportation services
  • The diversity of architectural styles such as historical, traditional and Iranian styles, contemporary (modern), Mediterranean, Moroccan, and diplomatic

Advantages of Iland residential complexes

Features and benefits of residential complexes:

  • Diverse architectural style:

This unique residential complex includes a variety of architectural styles from all over the world, such as  historical Iranian, Spanish, Mediterranean, Modern, and Moroccan, as well as a unique combination of apartments and villas of different sizes and types. These residential units have been designed to meet a variety of tastes and budgets and make it possible for tourists to travel through the diverse world of architecture.

  • Three cities in one:

Iland is the first city in Iran which has been permitted to establish and provide three different types of services in one place; a special economic zone approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly, a tourist town approved by the Supreme Council for Urbanism and Architecture of Iran, and an international-grade tourist zone approved by the Cabinet of Iran. Each project ensures providing specific services with special standards, per capita, and benefits. In other words, Iland City simultaneously provides the benefits of multiple zones while maintaining their respective standards and requirements.

It goes without saying that this synchronization will lead to the establishment of a complex completely different from similar ones in Iran and the provision of a novel lifestyle, as the main mission of Iland City.

  • Offering specialized facilities:

The design and construction of residential complexes for various facilities highlight the importance of customers’ welfare for Iland City. This is well manifested both in residential villages and other specialized facilities. Designing a special residential village for employees and the diplomatic village for diplomats, ambassadors, and senior officials emphasizes this importance. On the other hand, other facilities such as golf, polo, and flight complexes or health village provide specialized services to clients.

  • Distinguished services and facilities in terms of capacity, standards, and location:

With an area of 863 hectares, Iland Residential Complex will be the largest and a top quality residential complex of its kind in Iran. Considering the location, architecture, the number of villas and apartments, the proximity of several residential villages, and specialized facilities, this complex will be a great opportunity for both recreation and investment. Provision of specialized services and a variety of recreational, sports, shopping, and commercial facilities, compliance with standards, and recruitment of experienced consultants distinguish Iland City from other residential projects in Iran.