Iranians’ Science and Technology Park


As a scientific, technological, and economic institution and the driving force of Iland City, Iranian Science and Technology Park has been designed for the establishment of technology and knowledge-based companies, academic branches, and institutes providing commercialization services in an area of 43 hectares. This complex aims to pave the way for knowledge-based economic development, entrepreneurship, and employment. The operating permit of this science and technology park was obtained from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in 2017.

Location of Iranians Science and Technology Park within Iland Special Economic Zone, in addition to providing benefits of a special zone (e.g. customs exemptions and legal support) to companies based in this park, can assist the future development of the project. In order to utilize this project, “Iranians Science and Technology Park” is currently cooperating with Iland City as the executive director and operator. After an evaluation, knowledge- and technology-based companies receive permission to base their business in the park.

Objectives of Iranians Science and Technology Park:

  • Knowledge-based economic development
  • Knowledge tourism development
  • The attraction of domestic and foreign technical knowledge and investments
  • Commercialization of research findings
  • The attraction of domestic and foreign universities
  • The attraction of domestic and foreign university students (exchange or permanent)
  • Granting scholarships from universities or research institutes
  • The possibility to guarantee the market with the aim of attracting more university students
  • The interaction between universities and specialized scientific centers
  • Support for the establishment and development of innovative and technology companies
  • Supporting new ideas and personal creativity and granting scholarships or initial fund to such persons for long-term operations and purposes
  • Establishment of research centers and specialized institutions on cutting-edge science and technology (e.g. a research center for renewable sources of energy, which finally leads to the establishment of a self-sufficient complex)
  • Turning into the driving force of Iland City as a key factor in the attraction of capital and users as well as Iland City development as a self-sufficient complex
  • Provision of required and appropriate facilities for children of families that will reside in the diplomatic village of Iland (i.e. international schools from kindergarten to high school)
  • The synergy between research institutes and the modern village (the modern village can serve as the pilot of innovative products of such institutes in terms of design, energy supply, waste disposal, etc.)

Physical Progress


Promising special facilities and benefits due to being situated in Iland City, Iranians Science and Technology Park welcomes the presence of investors and knowledge-based technology and innovation companies.

Technical specifications:

  • Total area: 43 hectares
  • Plots for sale: 234 lots
  • Phase 1 plots : 55
  • Phase 2 plots : 95
  • Phase 3 plots : 84

Advantages of being situated in Iranians Science and Technology Park

  • Tax exemption for 20 years (corporate performance and employees’ salary and bonus)
  • Exemption from regular duties (e.g. on construction permit and utility bills)
  • Proximity to the nearest special economic zone to Tehran (Zarandieh Special Economic Zone) and enjoyment from its benefits and services
  • The allotment of lands at very reasonable prices and conditions for the establishment of research and technology institutes and hi-tech production lines
  • Provision of specialized technology services with special support and facilities
  • Providing land for companies (ownership) with appropriate conditions
  • The possibility to use the lands of residential villages with special conditions for the residence of managers and employees
  • Enjoyment from the regulations of working relationships in free zones