Health Village


Iland Health Village, consisting of medical, elderly care, training, and residential sections, is another part of Iland City that aims to complete the services provided in this town. The most advanced medical equipment in healthcare centers and the hospital of this village can bring health to those who visit and use these services. Special residential facilities have been predicted in different parts of this village to be used by the elderly, patients, students, professors, and employees. Clean and fresh air away from the pollution of various industries will provide favorable conditions for the residential section of Iland Health Village for the temporary or permanent residence of people requiring periodic or long-term medical care. People residing in this complex can use a variety of facilities including medical services, hydrotherapy, special elderly care, etc.

Physical Progress

  • Foundation
  • Equipment
  • Build


Iland Health Village has been designed and constructed to provide the best medical and healthcare services for patients, the elderly, and other people requiring medical care.

Technical specifications:

The total area of Iland Health Village: 47 hectares.

Advantages of Iland Health Village

Distinguishing features of Iland Health Village:

  • Fresh and clean air
  • Proximity to other recreational-sports facilities such as golf course, flight village, and Iland Valley Park

Consultants and investors

Current design consultants of Iland Health Village are as follows:

  • Broadway Malyan

Specialization: Urban planning, architecture, and design
Country: England
Major projects: Forum Coimbra, Portugal; BP Sunbury; New Central Business District, Sowwah Island; Mina Zayed

  • Mott McDonald

Specialization: Project engineering and consultation
Areas of activity: Transportation, energy, buildings, water and environment, health and education, industry, and communications
Country: England