Golf Village


Iland Golf Village has been designed and constructed in an area of 322 hectares with permanent fresh and clean air. This complex features diverse vegetation, a special lawn golf course, seven beautiful artificial lakes, and modern villas, making for an ideal and dreamy place for a quiet and vibrant life.
This village consists of two parts: a residential section and the golf course. The unique golf course of Iland, with an area of 92 hectares, is as large as 112 soccer fields. This golf course is surrounded by the residential section, providing a beautiful landscape for residential villas.
The New Zealand lawn used in the golf course and the artificial lakes and rivers are capable of conditioning the air, reducing air temperature by 3-5°C, producing oxygen for 130,000 people, and, consequently, providing fresh air for the whole Iland City.
The residential section of Iland Golf Village, in an area of 230 hectares, includes 1,600 modern villas in different architectural styles for those seeking a comfortable life near Tehran but far from its urban spaces.
Utilization of the knowledge and experience of internationally reputable specialists and consultants, standard technical specifications, additional facilities (clubs), proximity to the capital of Iran, collaborative role of other facilities of Iland, and diversity of designs to suit different tastes are among the factors that make Iland Golf Village a unique, internationally standard sports complex in Iran.

Physical Progress


Golf course


Iland Golf Village is the only internationally standard golf complex in Iran that provides special facilities to host international golf competitions and eminent golfers in Iran. Therefore, this project is an exceptional opportunity for successful investment.

Technical specifications:

  • Total area: 322 hectares
  • Golf course area: 92 hectares
  • Residential area: 230 hectares

Advantages of Golf Village

Golf course facilities:

  • A standard golf course 6,400 meters long with 18 holes
  • A practice course with 9 holes for short games or serving as the children’s golf course
  • A training golf course
  • Seven artificial lakes with an area of 3 hectares
  • An artificial river with a length of 2.5 km
  • The golf club building for professional athletes with a variety of welfare and residential services
  • A golf academy for training children and adolescents

Profile of the residential section:

The 1600 villas of Iland Golf Village will be constructed in the northern, southern, and central parts of this complex. The southern lands of the village are ready and necessary infrastructures are provided, where 200 villas with a mean area of 800 m2 will be built in the first phase.
The beautiful landscape of the golf course and the use of the latest designs and construction equipment will make for the establishment of a unique residential complex in Iran.

  • Two indoor restaurants with a balcony overlooking the artificial lake and the golf course
  • Two coffee shops
  • Gym
  • Two conference halls
  • Multi-purpose fields (e.g. for tennis and squash)
  • Shopping and service centers (e.g. supermarket, laundry, etc.)
  • Playground
  • Children club

Consultants and investors

  • Pacific Coast Design

Specialization: Golf course designer
Country: Australia

Major projects:

  • The Capital Golf Club – Melbourne – Australia
  • Patterson River Country Club, Carrum – Victoria – Australia
  • Tianma Golf & Country Club – Shanghai – China