Fun Park


Iland Amusement Park is a place for those who love and pursue excitement and danger. Riding the world’s third highest roller coaster in this amusement park, you can go as high as a 30-story building and then descend towards a big and deep lake at a speed of 150 km/h.

Facilities of Iland Amusement Park:

  • The world’s third highest roller coaster with a height of 93 meters
  • A variety of advanced and exciting entertainments
  • Proximity to the aqua park, karting track, shopping center, and hotel

Iland Amusement Park has been designated at the Iland Recreational Complex to bring a favorable functional synergy in combination with other facilities of this complex.

Physical Progress

  • Foundation
  • Equipment
  • Build


The project of Iland Amusement Park has been planned by Iland Recreational Holding to establish the best equipped amusement park in Iran in compliance with international standards.

Technical specifications:

  • Total area: 13 hectares
  • Featuring both indoor and outdoor sections
  • A roller coaster with a height of 93 meters
  • Proximity to other recreational facilities of Iland City

Advantages of Iland Fun Park

Distinguishing features of Iland Amusement Park:

  • Part of the Iland Recreational Holding
  • Proximity to the business center, aqua park, and superkart complex
  • The highest roller coaster in Middle East and other exciting entertainments in accordance with international standards
  • Indoor playground including arcade center, virtual reality, multidimensional cinema, and multi-functional halls for recreation
  • An outdoor park with an area of 9 hectares
  • Total area: 125 hectares
  • Compliance with international standards and the provision of distinct services
  • Vast green spaces around the amusement park
  • Enjoyment from customs duties exemptions for the import of required equipment and devices

Consultants and investors

The design consultant of Iland Amusement Park is one of the most reputable consultants in the field from Germany.

  • Unique Vision International (UVI)

Specialization: Designer consultant on theme parks
Country: Germany
Major projects: Designer consultant of many amusement parks such as Paris Disneyland