Commercial Center and international hotels


Iland Commercial Center is one of the largest commercial centers in Iran and will be constructed in compliance with international standards. This commercial center, along with the aqua park, amusement park, and hotel, are predicted to be the most crowded points of Iland City. The exterior and interior design and diversity of brands in the commercial center will attract the attention of different  classes of customers and provide them with an unprecedented experience of shopping, recreation, and relaxation with a variety of services and facilities.

Facilities and advantages: Hardly matched in terms of design, breadth, and facilities:

Iland Commercial Center will be constructed on three floors, the third of which has been designed to be a cinema complex with a total area of 1.3 hectares. The first and second floors will consist of 333 business units and a 20,000 square meter hypermarket with 334 shops of different sizes. A Restaurant, coffee shop, playground, gym, and bus and taxi stations are other facilities of this commercial center. Iland Commercial Center also consists of two basement floors for a parking lot and providing additional service for shops. This center will create jobs for 4,597 persons.

Considering the surface area, number of floors, presence of numerous brands and facilities, and the design, Iland Commercial center will be one of the most beautiful and luxurious commercial centers in Iran. The integration of shopping with recreation provides a decent and enjoyable place for families in Iland Commercial Center.

Iland international hotels:

With high standards of service, Iland International Hotels will be constructed in three locations in Iland City. The first hotel will be constructed in Hub 2 in the vicinity of the commercial center, amusement park, town hall, karting track, aqua park, and equestrian complex. The second one, that is, Iland Resort Hotel, will be constructed near the beach tourism complex and adjacent to beach villas, recreational-shopping boulevard, city hall, traditional marketplace, and the polo complex. Finally, the third hotel will be built in the golf complex next to the 18-hole golf course, golf club, modern villas, and the shopping center.

Physical Progress


Considering its position and location inside the special economic zone and the excellent design aiming for the presence of various international brands in related industries, Iland Commercial center is an ideal investment opportunity. In addition, the position of Iland hotels, quality and quantity of services provided by them, and affairs related to management, human resources, and education all promise the construction of 5-star hotels in Iland City to provide temporary accommodation services to tourists.

Technical specification of Iland Commercial center:

  • Total area: 264,000 m2
  • Area of commercial section: 107,335 m2
  • Area of recreational section: 66,926 m2

Technical specifications of Iland international hotels:

  • Area of the hotel located in Hub one: 6.2 hectares
  • Area of Iland Resort Hotel: 10.3 hectares
  • Area of the golf course hotel: 6.2 hectares
Location plan of Iland Commercial center
Location plan of Iland international hotels

Advantages of Iland Commercial center and international hotels

Distinguishing features of Iland Commercial center:

  • The synergy resulting from proximity to other facilities:

Location in Hub one of Iland City which includes the aqua park, amusement park, hotel, and conference hall, and the proximity of Hub one to other facilities of Iland City make it possible for visitors of Iland Commercial center from all ages and classes to use the services provided by these facilities. The existence of beautiful riding and walking communication routes between the facilities helps all family members to use their desired facilities individually or collectively and then meet each other in certain points.

  • Internationally reputable brands:

Since Iland Commercial center is located in the vicinity of Imam Khomeini International Airport and houses a special economic zone, it is a golden opportunity for the presence of international stores and world-renowned brands from various industries in this commercial center. Accordingly, those interested in such products can easily access them inside Iran and enjoy their genuine standard and quality.

  • Welfare facilities:

The attractive and innovative combination of shopping and recreational facilities, both inside and outside Iland Commercial center, aims to be in line with customers’ well-being and satisfaction. Therefore, an area of 15,900 m2has been dedicated to the construction of restaurant, coffee shop, gym, movie theater, playground, and figure skating hall. Another facility of Iland Commercial center is a multistory parking area connected to each floor.

  • Integrated and centralized management that creates a common and well-known brand for the whole complex:

The strong and integrated management of Iland City and the synergy resulting from the proximity of Iland Commercial center to other facilities of the city will provide a good opportunity to introduce Iland City and give a good impression to the customers.

Consultants and investors

The international consultants recruited for designing and supervising the construction of Iland Commercial center and international hotels are as follows:

  • Broadway Malyan

Specialization: Urban planning, architecture, and design
Country: England
Major projects: Forum Coimbra, Portugal; BP Sunbury; New Central Business District, Sowwah Island; Mina Zayed

  • Mott McDonald

Specialization: Project engineering and consultation
Areas of activity: Transportation, energy, buildings, water and environment, health and education, industry, and communications
Country: England

  • WATG

Specialization: Design Consultant in the field of hotels, entertainment, and recreation
Country: The US
Major projects: One of the top construction and consultation companies in the field of tourism projects, such as Atlantis complexes in Dubai and Bahamas.