Iland Car City


The automotive city is a creative concept introduced in recent years in the field of automobile sales and marketing. Iland City aims to operationalize this concept to provide its clients with a new purchase experience.

Iland Automotive City in 23 hectares consists of 91 plots for automobile showrooms in three rings. The objective of this complex is to provide the most suitable cars with the best available services to their clients and reform the selection, purchase, and sales of cars.

Facilities and features of Iland Automotive City:

Iland Automotive City integrates all services required for the automobile purchase, sales, and upgrade in order to provide a relaxing and pleasant experience of buying a car with the family and friends for clients and a healthy and competitive environment for vendors. These services are as follows:

  • Sales representatives of imported vehicles
  • Sales representatives of domestic automobile manufacturers
  • Branches of different banks
  • Vehicles insurance centers
  • Vehicles customs and clearance
  • Vehicles registration center
  • Police +10 Service department
  • Luxury cars museum
  • Luxury cars showroom
  • Offices of leasing companies
  • International car rental companies
  • Showrooms and stores for the promotional items of automobile manufacturers
  • Hosting national and international automotive events

Advantages of Iland Automotive City:

To provide the best services for all clients, Iland Automotive City has planned to offer the following outstanding benefits to buyers:

  • Variety of choices, assisted search process, and enjoyment from expert automotive services
  • Relatively lower price of cars due to removing brokerage and a competitive market
  • The option to test the cars in the racetrack
  • Provision of services and facilities for car purchase and sales in a single place
  • Dedication of family relaxation spaces , such as a restaurant and coffee shop, in order to celebrate the joy of a good purchase
  • The option to purchase all automotive accessories and decorative items in the automotive tuning center

Physical Progress


The excellent features and key benefits of Iland Automotive, as a unique automotive services complex in Iran, ensure a safe and successful investment for all investors.

Technical specifications:

  • Total area: 23 hectares
  • Showroom plots: 91
  • First ring (internal): 13 showroom lots, a plaza consisting of urban garden and furniture, restaurant, coffee shop, and museum
  • Second ring: 34 showroom plots
  • Third ring: 44 showroom plots
  • The southern section of showrooms: Buildings for license plate replacement, tuning, and office/business facilities (bank branches, insurance companies, and other automotive professions)

Advantages of Iland Automotive City

Distinguishing features of Iland Automotive City:

  • Appropriate size and relatively lower price of exhibition spaces
  • Enjoyment from all automotive services (e.g. customs, insurance, bank, and car registration) in one place
  • The ability to take advantage of car testing services in a racetrack
  • Proximity to the end user
  • Establishment of an automotive exchange market and increasing the number of clients
  • An opportunity to promote automotive brands and leave a good impression on clients
  • The synergy resulting from the proximity of various facilities of Iland City

Guaranteed Solidarity of Iland Automotive City:

The coherence and health of all processes of Iland Automotive City are guaranteed by a company responsible for planning all activities related to the management of Iland Automotive City, marketing, construction, maintenance, monitoring of standards, event management, and shared advertising.

Consultants and investors

The design of a top-quality and standard complex necessitates the recruitment of experienced consultants and guaranteed international standards. The showrooms section of Iland Automotive City has been designed by the most reputable domestic and international consultants.

International consultants of Iland Automotive City:

  • Broadway Malyan

Specialization: Urban planning, architecture, and design
Country: England
Major projects: Forum Coimbra, Portugal; BP Sunbury; New Central Business District, Sowwah Island; Mina Zayed

  • Tilke

Specialization: master plan design, schematic design
Country: Germany
Major projects: Ruf Automobile, Atlanta Motorsports Park, and Formula One racing circuits in Austria, Abu Dhabi, Spain, Bahrain, Russia, South Korea, etc.

  • Apex

Specialization: Design of Formula One racing circuits
Country: England
Major projects: The Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia and the Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg in Germany

  • Schormann Architects

Specialization: Consultant firm for automotive towns
Country: Germany
Major projects: Dusseldorf Automotive City, showrooms and centers of internationally reputable companies such as Volkswagen, Porsche, and Audi

  • International Motorsports Management

Specialization: Motorsport projects and management of sports complexes
Country: Denmark
Major projects: Formula One racing circuits in Bahrain and Malaysia

  • Mott McDonald

Specialization: Project engineering and consultation
Areas of activity: Transportation, energy, buildings, water and environment, health and education, industry, and communications
Country: England

  • Schreiner Consulting

Specialization: Motorsport consultant (head of the CIK design committee of the)
Country: Austria
Major projects: Dubai Motor City, Formula One racing circuit in the UAE

Domestic consultant of Iland Automotive City:

  • Tarahan Komeh Zarya

Investors of Iland Automotive City:

Tose’e Anboohsazi Pasargad Co. (Pasargad property development company) is the primary investor in Iland Automotive City which participates in its construction and operation.