The Off-road Tracks collection with unique engineering and the ability to hold national and international competitions, and the racing, recreational and educational approach are ready to assign to qualified individuals from various departments.

Project Profile

  • Multi-purpose track with homologue with international approval and license from the World Federation
  • Under the supervision of the Motorsports and Motor Vehicles Department with the authority of Special Economic Zone of Zarandiyah, to provide the necessary permits for holding competitions, establishing a club, registering sports companies, operating recreational and …
  • With world-class A standards for domestic and international competitions
  • Equipped with a 2600-meter-long building with modern timing equipment, recording system, video recording, computer games halls, billiards, restaurants and cafes, and 250 car parking space
  • Provide a comprehensive plan by Global Level Advisers and supervising consultants on all stages of planning and implementation
  • With world-class A standards for domestic and international competitions
  • Recreational, educational and racing capabilities for women and children


Utilization Opportunities

Transferable parts of iLand Off-road Tracks for utilization includes:

1 . Motor-Cross Track.
     • 2100 meter length track with engineered ups and downs.

2 . Motor-Cross track for women
The length of the 1100 meter track is based on all the principles set in the International Standards for the manufacture of tracks suitable for women.

3 . Children’s Motor-Cross Track.
600 meter track length with engineered ups and downs. 

4 . Off-road track including two differential, hiking car and four-wheel motor
600 meter highway with engineered ups and downs 

5 . Motor sport school
Allocate suitable training space and ATVs at specific times to training groups for a variety of professional training (for participation in the competitions) and in the following areas:

  • Two differentials
  • Urban SUV
  • Motor-Cross

6 . Restaurant
Appropriate space in building

7 . Coffee Shop
Appropriate space in the building