A city of future

Benefits of investment in iLand

Tose’e Sayahan Sarzamin Iranian Co., as the first specialized tourism master developer in Iran, seeks to attract qualified and prospect-oriented partners for a safe and profitable partnership to invest in some ongoing projects of Iland City, as a unique and international-grade tourist, sports, commercial, and residential complex.

  • The brilliant and strategic opportunity of Iland City, located in a special economic zone that provides certain supports and facilities, and excellent location of this complex provide substantial synergy for investment.
  • Permits obtained for the project of Iland City provide several legal services and facilities for investment projects. These permits are as follows:
  • Permit for the international-grade tourist zone (approved by the Cabinet of Iran)
  • Permit for Zarandieh (Iranians) Special Economic Zone (approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly and officially announced by the Cabinet off Iran)
  • Permit for a residential-tourist town (approved by the Supreme Council for Urbanism and Architecture)
  • The environmental master plan proposed by the Supreme Council for Environmental Assessment
  • Obtaining more than 600 other permits from respective executive organizations
  • Recruitment of internationally qualified consultants for all stages of design and construction ensures the success of projects and investment profitability.
  • Development of a master plan for the project by internationally qualified consultants
  • Regional uniqueness of all project facilities: Provision of internationally distinctive, standard, and high-quality services, which promises a new lifestyle and modern entertainments, not only is considered as the main mission of Iland City and any investment in this project but also introduces Iland City as the most fabulous and modern complex in Iran.
  • Permanent fresh air in Iland City due to its strategic location: The wind direction in the area, being located at Tehran’s air inlet corridor and vegetation of this town protect Iland City and its blue sky against air pollution.
  • The privileged location of Iland City in terms of proximity to the capital of Iran and large population hubs in neighboring provinces (Tehran, Qom, Markazi, and Qazvin) and its road (four main routes), air (Imam Khomeini, Mehrabad, and Payam airports), and rail (the North-to-South railway network and Parand Subway Station) accesses are other advantages of this complex.

Investment opportunities of iLand

Utilization opportunities in iLand