iland Golf Village is a beautiful complex with an impressive view of the golf course, a river, and 7 artificial lakes and clean local air making it ideal for a quiet life.

Project features

  • Six investment packages with a minimum of 143 and a maximum of 246 villas per package
  • Duplex villas in the golf village with min and max areas of 176 m2and 511 m2
  • Located within a special economic zone
  • Six different architecture types
  • The possibility of investment by small- and large-sized companies
  • Unique vegetation cover
  • Seven artificial lake with an area of 3 hectares
  • Other facilities such as clubs, shopping centers, and hotel and proximity to other facilities of the Iland City
  • Green landscape in 55% of the total area of Iland Golf Village
  • Located in the first sports-residential golf complex in Iran in built in accordance with international standards
  • Construction starts two years after the respective partnership contract

Project profile

  • Project area: Approx. 195 hectares
  • Capacity: 6,400 persons
  • Predicted facilities: water, electricity, gas, and telephone lines, a standard golf course, a training ground, golf training and school, 7 artificial lakes, and an artificial river inside the golf course


Investment Benefits

  • Easy, quick access to Tehran
  • Easy and quick access to other recreational, tourist, and service facilities
  • Excellent access to national and international air terminals as well as national and urban railway terminals
  • Access to main routes (Tehran-Saveh Freeway, Tehran-Qom Freeway, Tehran-Saveh Old Road, and Southern Tehran Ring Road)
  • High security
  • Suitable land price considering the future development of Iland City
  • Guaranteed trade and purchase process
  • High quality lands and villas
  • Guaranteed infrastructure (water, electricity, sewage system, gas, and telecommunications)
  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Villas of the golf village are situated at the heart of Iland City

Year of operation: By March 2019 (Zones 1, 2, and 3)

Infrastructure status