Investment Opportunities

1.Grand Stand

  • Designed to accommodate spectators, 2 grandstands with a capacity of 2,500 people each.

2.Garage Pit

  • Pete Garage designed for racing cars as well as holding trade fairs

3.Pit Lane

  • Allocated space for repairing racing cars during the tournament, which has good advertising spaces for introducing car manufacturers and others.

4.Medical center

  • A space designed to set up a medical center to provide medical services to the members of the AutoDrome Club, as well as tournament competitions.

5.Business Opportunities

  • Allocate space to build commercial spaces for car repair, car tuning and ...

6.Advertising Spaces

  • Allocate advertising spaces in and around the track for construction and operation

Available parts of Tehran International Autodrome for utilization

  1. Car racing and motorcycle racing

With multipurpose usability in the following disciplines:

A- Motorcycle Road (Moto GP)

Competitions: Includes Moto GP Racing

  • Recreation
  • Training in both professional and general formats

B- Car Racing

Competitions: include drag races, 24-hour tournaments and ...

  • Recreation including Rental, race taxi, drift taxi, public track day and ...
  • Training in both professional and general formats

C - Open wheel

Competitions: Includes Formula Competitions

  • Recreation
  • Educational in a professional format
  1. Car Racing School

Appropriate training space and formal training course at specified times to training groups for various types of professional training (for attending competitions) and general (in order to improve the skills of driving the general public) in motoring categories (Moto GP), car racing, and also Formula tournament with open wheel machines.

  1. The store

Allocate suitable storefronts for the sale of equipment needed for competitions, sports brands and ... in the building of the controller

  1. Exhibition Spaces
  • Allocate suitable space for holding trade fairs in the race control building
  1. Restaurants
  • Appropriate space for setting up the restaurant in the race control building.
  1. Coffee shop
  • Allocated space for launching a coffee shop in the race control building