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Water Park

Water Park Features    Iland Aqua Park realizes the dream of being in one the most exciting aqua parks in the world in Iland City and the vicinity of the capital of Iran. This aqua park has been designed to be the largest of its kind in the Middle East. Iland Aqua Park is located [...]

Tehran International Autodrome

Tehran International Autodrome Features    Tehran International Autodrome is the first race track circuit in Iran which can host Formula One races. This racing circuit has been designed and constructed in accordance with standards of Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) to be used for multiple purposes such as international corporations. The German Tilke (the designer [...]

Superkart Complex

Superkart Complex Features    Iland Superkart Complex, with a racetrack of over 1,450 meters, has obtained the A-level standards of the Commission Internationale de Karting (CIK) to host a variety of competitions such as the Rotax Max Challenge (RMC). Iland Superkart Complex has been well-equipped to provide an exciting adventure platform for lovers of motorsports [...]

Sport Village

Sport Village Features    Iland Olympic Village is a dream sports complex that provides the best facilities for athletes and lovers of sports. This complex can host international sporting events with top athletes and their fans. Iland Olympic Village will be also a place to discover and nurture outstanding sports talents and send them to [...]

Special Economic Zone

Special Economic Zone Features    Iranians-Iland Special Economic Zone, as the center of gravity of Iland City, is the only tourism-oriented special economic zone that is established according to the December 20, 2010 Act of the Islamic Consultative Assembly on the "Establishment of New Special Economic Zones” , and the edict of the president dated [...]

Science and Technology Park

Iranians’ Science and Technology Park Features    As a scientific, technological, and economic institution and the driving force of Iland City, Iranian Science and Technology Park has been designed for the establishment of technology and knowledge-based companies, academic branches, and institutes providing commercialization services in an area of 43 hectares. This complex aims to pave [...]

Resort Hotel

Resort Hotel Features    Iland Resort Hotel is a unique and fascinating opportunity to have fun and relax on weekends for those who need a quiet place with pleasant weather away from the hustle and bustle of Tehran after a hectic week of work and effort. Iland Resort Hotel is a broad, low-rise building designed [...]

Residential complexes

Residential complexes Features    In an area of 863 hectares, Iland residential complexes have been designated adjacent to the recreational, tourist, and commercial facilities in order to complete the service package of Iland City. Iland residential complexes consist of two sections: villas inside specialized facilities such as the golf villag; and residential villages with different [...]

Off-road Tracks

Off-road Tracks Features    With an area of over 22.4 hectares, Iland off-road tracks have been designed on a land full of ups and downs in order to give a unique feeling of exciting adventures to lovers of risky sports. This complex consists of several sections such as an off-road track for sport utility vehicles [...]

Health Village

Health Village Features    Iland Health Village, consisting of medical, elderly care, training, and residential sections, is another part of Iland City that aims to complete the services provided in this town. The most advanced medical equipment in healthcare centers and the hospital of this village can bring health to those who visit and use [...]

Golf Village

Golf Village Features    Iland Golf Village has been designed and constructed in an area of 322 hectares with permanent fresh and clean air. This complex features diverse vegetation, a special lawn golf course, seven beautiful artificial lakes, and modern villas, making for an ideal and dreamy place for a quiet and vibrant life. This [...]

Fun Park

Fun Park Features   Iland Amusement Park is a place for those who love and pursue excitement and danger. Riding the world’s third highest roller coaster in this amusement park, you can go as high as a 30-story building and then descend towards a big and deep lake at a speed of 150 km/h. Facilities of [...]

Equestrian and Polo Complex

Equestrian and Polo Complex Features    Iland Equestrian and Polo Complex consists of two neighboring complexes in the southeast of Iland City next to Rud-e Shur. These two complexes are separated by Tehran-Saveh Old Road. Iland Polo Complex is the first internationally standard polo complex in Iran that aims to revive this ancient Iranian sport. [...]

Commercial Center and international hotels

Commercial Center and international hotels Features    Iland Commercial Center is one of the largest commercial centers in Iran and will be constructed in compliance with international standards. This commercial center, along with the aqua park, amusement park, and hotel, are predicted to be the most crowded points of Iland City. The exterior and interior [...]

Car City

Car City Features    The automotive city is a creative concept introduced in recent years in the field of automobile sales and marketing. Iland City aims to operationalize this concept to provide its clients with a new purchase experience. Iland Automotive City in 23 hectares consists of 91 plots for automobile showrooms in three rings. [...]

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden Features    Iland Botanical Garden is an ornamental garden, a collection of living plants, and a natural tourist attraction that is designed to be located in the southwest of Iland City. Based on designs, a wide variety of plants will be kept under natural and optimal conditions. Different plants from five continents of [...]

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